Documentary Wedding Videography


cinematography: Thanasis Protatos

We love to travel. And Greece is the place to be, when looking for your next destination! This time we found ourselves in Corfu island, for yet another documentary wedding story. Corfu is one of the most inspiring and beautiful Greek islands to visit. A chilled out conversation that started between Katerina and Lefteris, moments before their wedding party, turned into an emotional confession between them nobody expected. Having people trust you with their precious moments like that, is what makes pure documentary storytelling in a wedding so great. Not fixing people to staged poses and fake moments allows them to just be themselves and forget about us, the photographers. This is when the magic happens, with true grit and honesty!


The wedding of Ralu and Tasos in Polichrono, Chalkidiki was an elegant event without over the top scenes we often see in our line of work. Being cool and layed back personalities they both gave us the opportunity to create a wedding story with strong narrative elements and our unposed minimalistic approach.


A fireworks show, gun shots in the air, non-stop dancing and open hearted people, with substential reason and point of view. This wedding, in Horouda, Thessaloniki, had all the necessary ingridiants for an interesting narrative, in a wedding documentary film. With their story, Anastasia and Konstantin, brought together Thessaloniki and Tripoli cities and offered us the opportunity to share with them our love for real moments.


Kos, the island of Hippocratess, the father of Medicine, dates back to 3.000BC. Meeting point for all ancient Greek cultures, but also east and west Mediterrenean. With this five thousand year history, Kos island is one of the most popular destinations in the Aegean and the Mediterrenean sea. Nonetheless, what makes Kos island unique, it is it's people. With faces full of light and bodies full of energy, they really know how to set up the perfect party! The islanders way!


This trip was of EPIC propositions! Starting by car from Alexandroupoli City, our destination, Istanbul, Turkey. Called the crossroads of civilazations, queen of cities, capital city of three Empires. The only city, build on two continents, Europe and Asia. The city of sensations and endless legends, spices and Eastern flavours. A place full of contradictions, which certainly creates mixed emotions.

This time we travel to Macedonia, Greece. In a vast watery canvas. Reeds, migratory birds, ancient settlements, fishing villages and pastures. Prespa Lakes! Two lakes in high altittude, three countries meeting in the middle of the water. This is where the story of Katerina and Kiriakos unfolds.

It is customary, for newly weds to perform a "first dance" in the begining of the wedding reception. A popular dance choice is the tango. We see it frequently, but not always performed successfuly, due to it's level of difficulty! In the case of Ioanna and Panos, this was not a problem. Both of them love to dance and they are a natural when it comes to learning new moves and tricks! Choosing an awesome tango Argentino, they offered a memorable show to all their guests!
φωτογραφια φωτογραφοι γαμου θεσσαλονικη επαγγελματικεσ φωτογραφιεσ μυρωνιδη επαγγελματικη φωτογραφιση φωτογραφοι φωτογραφοι βιντεο γαμου  κεντρο εναλλακτικη δεξιωση  μειμαριδη video gamou βιντεο κτήμα δέδα φωτογραφοσ makedonia palace met hotel λικνο κτήμα βαπτιση studio thessaloniki