Project Unposed, is a community of thought, a shared human quality, a curiosity about people's intimate moments, a respect for these moments and a desire to transcribe them visually. The art of telling it as it is. 

We create documentary wedding photography and film with honesty, true grit, and integrity. 

Essentially, this means a documentary wedding photographer loves to tell stories, and that’s what we do best. There is nothing like a wedding when it comes to witnessing a myriad of raw emotions. If you want these to be captured, you need someone with the documentary skills to get them. It sounds simple, but capturing emotion is an art, just documentary photography as a whole! 


Photobombing, captured by Yannis Zioris

Project Unposed, founded by awarding winning cinematographer Thanasis Protatos, is a co-operative owned and run by its member photographers and film makers, who undergo a rigorous process of self-selection in order to become full members.


 "Project Unposed are the original
authentic wedding visual storytellers." 


 Project Unposed Photographers

 We specialize in documentary photography and videography
that includes, destination weddings, elopents anniversaries
proposals, baby showers christenings and bar mitzvashs.