Destination wedding in Corfu island

We love to travel. And Greece is the place to be, when looking for your next wedding destination! This time we found ourselves in Corfu island, for yet another documentary wedding story. Corfu is one of the most inspiring and beautiful Greek islands to visit. Perhaps the greenest island with dense vegetation, unmatched in natural beauty with dozens of sightseeing, beautiful beaches, and a well-developed road network.

Speaking about tourism development is one of the country`s cornerstones in the tourism industry. It is an island with a long history and has been notable in Greek culture and tradition for over 3000 years. It has been inhabited since the Paleolithic era and later by the Phaeacians as mentioned in the Odyssey. Homer refers to it as Scheria, but the island also had the name Drepanon (sickle) at a time because it is shaped like a sickle.

A documentary wedding photographer is all about telling a story 
so Ι started fresh on a Friday morning from Thessaloniki and headed to Veria city, where I met with my good friend and documentary wedding photographer, Yiannis Zioris. From there, we drove to Igoumenitsa to catch the ferry to Corfu island. By the time we arrived to the island it was already dark, so after having a short welcome meeting with Katerina and Lefteris, we returned to our hotel room to get some good night sleep before the big day!

The next day was the wedding day. As usual, we got up early, warm up our gear and hit the streets, to look for interesting happenings and have a strong breakfast to keep us going!

Upon our our arrival at Katerina's house to was already a hot and sunny day. Ideal for capturing great wedding photos and video. Spirits were high, everybody was in a cool mood so none one paid any attention to us! And that's a great thing for a documentary wedding photographer, so we just did what we do best, blend in, relax and have fun with our cameras. Thus began another journey of ours, to tell a wedding story, through candid, unposed images.


After a while we decided it was time to pay Lefteris a visit and check out how were things going with his preparation too. The day was just beautiful and warm. A typical Greek summer day, where everybody was having fun on the beach! Lefteris was already getting ready accompanied by his father and a close friend, a few hours before his whole family was due to arrive at his hotel. 

Back to Katerina's place, things were starting to heat up. Family members and friends were already there. Katerina's family is originaly from Corfu island. All people with positive vibes, great sense of humor and of course musical! Yes, Corfu is known for it's tradition to music. 

With influences from Italy, France, Great Britain and mainland Greece, the musical of Corfu is full of surprises. Walking through the narrow alleys – the candounia – of Corfu Town, you may suddenly stumble across a spontaneous string quartet playing local traditional songs, you will hear through open widows the sounds of children practicing their musical instruments or, when driving in the countryside, you may have to pause while for a nearby "panigiri", local feast days honouring a saint. It is an unforgettable experience during which the locals sing and dance to popular Greek songs from early evening until late, while lambs roast on spits and local wine flows!

So, in high spirits, everybody helped Katerina get ready fast and hit the road that led to church!

Corfu city has so many great places to see and all of them are gather close to each other, so we just let Katerina and Lefteris take us for a walk to their favorite ones. This was a good time for them to relax, as the most tricky part of their wedding, the ceremony, was over.

One of the things we love in documentary style photography and videography, is the aspect of freedom. 

Letting people just be themselves, release their inner beauty and be natural, spontenious and sincere.

I this case Katerina and Lefteris wanted to have a brake so they invited us to keep them company along their evening stroll. 

Corfu town, especially for its oldest part, is one of the most charming and romantic places of all the Greece. It is a perfect example of ancient Venetian and Byzantine art that will be able to fascinate you with its little streets and its panoramic points. Surrounded by the sea, the old town of Kerkyra is closed between the two ancient fortresses.

It was an unforgettable experience to spend an hour just walking up and down along thousands of small paved streets, looking around to discover the old town secrets.  Every single building, every single street appears like an open museum, but the joie de vivre of the local people will reminded us that the old town is also full of life and full of surprises.

And finally, the time for celebration! A foxtrot dance, drinks, music and lots of dancing. The key elements for a great party. We moved around taking beautiful shots, allowing Katerina and Lefteris to just spend all their time with their friends and family, without any unnecessary posing or direction.

Amongst the highlights of the night, one of the most unsual bouquet catchers with an epic reaction. Pure joy!

videography: Thanasis Protatos
photography: Yannis Zioris