Destination Wedding in Prespa Lake


Every time you see Prespa lake you are mesmerized by its beauty. The lake, the wetlands, the villages, the people and most of all nature welcome you at every step. Saint Achilleos is one of the two lake-dwelling islands we have in Greece. The other is on the lake of Ioannina.

Driving from Thessaloniki, the day before the wedding, I traveled 300 kilometers through beautiful Macedonian land to our final destination, Psarades, a small picturesque village by the lake. There I met with documentary wedding photographer Yannis Zioris and together we found our small rented room, that would accommodate us for two days.

After we got off the long journey, we checked our photgraphic gear and met Katerina and Kiriakos, in Katerina's hometown of Vrontero. Vrontero is a mountainous village and is located almost on the Greek-Albanian border, above Little Prespa and at an altitude of 1,100 meters, with only 138 permanent residents.

So in Vrontero, a beautiful village exactly where the road ends, Katerina was born and raised. Early in the morning, the family had already started preparing for the big day . Kyriakos' family was in a guesthouse on the small island of Saint Achilles, getting ready for his preparation too.

For us, this wedding documentary had officially started. Moving between Vrondero and St. Achilleos we began recording the story through our cameras.

Katerina, slightly anxious about the preparations but also enthusiastic, was happy as she was taken care of by her make-up artist and hairdresser, accompanied by friends and relatives. As time went by, more and more people were filling the rooms of the house, creating a festive atmosphere. Beautiful people, true moments, music, dance and good wine complemented the beautiful scene.

A special moment in Katerina's preparation was when her mother and her aunts gathered around to sing traditional Vlach wedding songs. The element of tradition is something that is still preserved, in many parts of Greece during a wedding and this is always of particular interest to a documentary wedding photographer.

Living in a time where symbols and deeper meanings are a rarity, elements like these act as a reminder of the value of honest expression among humans.

Kiriakos, on the other hand, was super relaxed without any stress. From early on, friends, lots of jokes and teasing and alcohol kept the energy high. Getting dressed, more teasing and alcohol and of course dancing outside the guesthouse!

As the time for the ceremony was approaching, Katerina started descending from Vrontero to the lake, accompanied by a queue of cars. At the same time, Kiriakos started walking uphill from the guesthouse to the chapel, at the top of the island, in the middle of the lake.

The scenery of the lake is simply breathtaking. We were lucky enough to have the weather on our side and this created the ideal conditions for beautiful images.

Reaching the shores of the lake, Katerina gave her relatives the time to reach the small island of St. Achilles, through the 700-meter-long bridge that connects it with the mainland. She would board the island herself using a traditional fishing boat! This was another particularly beautiful scene. Without any wind, the lake's waters mirrored the incredible scenery. Land and water, water and land. Really unique!

The ascenting process, towards the chapel with the panoramic view, of both Kyriakos and Katerina, gave an extra weight and symbolism to the moment, just before the wedding ceremony. 

The "walk", the movement of the body towards a goal has something primordial. A symbol of the struggle, of a human's effort to move forward, into the future!

At the top, Kiriakos waited patiently and like that the ceremony began.

The completion of the sacred sequence came together with the sunset, creating once again a magnificent landscape above the lake. In the hostel everything was ready for the celebration and so the crowd started to gather in the main hall, which was decorated in a minimal style, with the element of wood dominating. The entrance of the couple was discreet. Live music and the party started!

The memories we have of this trip are recorded in this short sample. Wedding photography and videography, full of bright characters, and candid moments. A real wedding documentary. Until the next story, best wishes to all!

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