Destination Wedding in Kithira Island


In the middle of three archipelagos, with a rugged figure yet unparalleled beauty, there stands Kythera island, the land of secrets. Kithira comes from Greek verb "keftho" which means "I hide". Kythira hide treasures and lovers. According to Greek legend, Afrodite, the Goddess of love, blessed this place herself and used it us a hiding place for couples in love and secret lovers. It is said that she used the dense flora around creeks, the dence fog that locals call "Katsifara" and the the small unspoilt beaches spread on the east coast of the island with fine sand and small pebbles... 

Kythira is an island that you will either love or hate. It is a fairly large island, with narrow streets and a strange mixture of Cyclades, Ionian Islands and the Peloponnese. You will find white houses with blue shutters, but the villages of Kythira are more reminiscent of the Ionian Islands, while the beaches resemble the mountains of Peloponnese or mainland Greece.

Traveling by road from Northern Greece to Kythira is not an easy task. But the beauties of the Greek landscape throughout the thirteen hours of driving, is a great reward!

In our company this time, we had our dear friend and great documentary photographer, Michalis Papadopoulos, who lives in Switzerland.

We share a great friendship, with Michalis, for many years, which emerged through a teacher-student relationship, during our first years of engagement with wedding photography. Michalis, the teacher as we call him, since we learned a lot from him, is one of the first photographers in Greece to introduce a purely documentary style to wedding photography.

Back to the trip. Crossing all of Greece at night, to catch Porfyrousa, the morning ferry to Kythira from Neapolis of Laconia was not easy, but the only way to get to an island's atmosphere is only by boat.

Teacher Michalis was determined to photograph the whole wedding in film and was equipped with at least twenty rolls. Both 35mm and medium format.

Living in a digital age, when every photographic click comes with the ease of drinking a glass of water, the use of film in photography is something that, to those who know it, reminds the importance of each image. Aligning a photographer's eye and spirit with the right moment before the click.

Natasha and Vasilis, live in London permanently and have decided to marry in their beloved island, although both of them are originally from from Ioannina, Greece. The eighty guests were all friends of the couple from their college years and their professional career in England.

The fact that Vasilis got married and even had a religious marriage is a conquest in itself, and that because he is an unrepentant metal music fan, super metal in nature too! So the wedding schedule and plans went for a walk, as expected! Lads just wanted to have fun and not get into a "mold" and so it went.

Marriages of Greeks living abroad are always special. The habits and customs they maintain are yet another link with Greece that they want to remember. The bride's shoe worn by her brother-in-law, the dressing of Vasilis with a similar tease by the best man and his best friends, the orthodox mystery at the chapel and many more, are things the couple kept at their wedding.

Avlemonas, is the most beautiful fishing village of Kythera. Small, picturesque, beautiful, the perfect destination for any wedding. The little chapel above the harbor combined with the view of BOZZIO captivated Natasha and Vasilis, who decided to leave hazy London behind and gather their friends on an August evening for an unforgettable wedding.

 Φωτογράφιση Γάμου στα Κύθηρα Φωτογράφος Ντοκιμαντέρ Project Unposed Wedding Destination Photographer Photography Kythera Kithera 
photography: Yannis Zioris, Michael Papadopoulos

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